Where in the World Are Michigan Alumni?

Where in the World Are Michigan Alumni?

Pan-Asia Reunion Stage

Members of the U-M family gathered in Singapore last weekend for the Sixth Annual Pan-Asia Alumni Reunion. The contingent from U-M included Alumni Association President Steve Grafton as well as deans and faculty from several U-M schools and colleges. More than 200 alumni from around Asia attended panel discussions on regional affairs, entrepreneurship, the arts, culture, and finance.

Several countries in Asia are home to some of the largest alumni groups in the world. Following is a list of the top 10 foreign countries that are home to U-M alumni:

  1. Canada: 3,110
  2. China: 2,772
  3. Republic of Korea: 2,368
  4. India: 1,885
  5. Japan: 1,656
  6. Taiwan: 1,316
  7. Hong Kong: 1,208
  8. Singapore: 961
  9. United Kingdom: 840
  10. Thailand: 764

We asked alumni last year to translate “Go Blue!” into their language. Here’s how they say it, along with the number of alumni, in these countries:

  • France: 450 
    Allez les bleus
  • Spain: 176 
    Vamos Blue
  • Ireland: 60
    Gorm Abú
  • Bulgaria: 21
    отиди син
  • Madagascar: 2
    Alefa Manga

Share your version of “Go Blue!” in the comments.

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