U-M's Own Davis and White to Compete for Olympic Gold as Ice Dancers

U-M's Own Davis and White to Compete for Olympic Gold as Ice Dancers

Update: Feb. 9 Headlines

Remember our Olympic ice dancers, Charlie White and Meryl Davis? The young athletes were U-M students when we interviewed them for Michigan Alumnus magazine at the last Winter Olympics. It was announced yesterday (Jan. 12) that they will compete again for the U.S. this year.

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Three others who are U-M alumni or students also made the cut. Evan Bates, ’12, Maia Shibutani, and Alex Shibutani, ’13, were also nominated for the team.

The Detroit News

Detroit News: Davis and White, the reigning world champs, are the Americans’ best—and perhaps only—hope for a figure skating gold medal. They won silver in Vancouver in 2010, and after four years spent establishing themselves as tops in the world, their chance to move up one step on the podium is finally here.

“Obviously we’re going into these games with very high expectations,” White said. “We’ve had a lot of great momentum over the last four years since the 2010 Games. We feel like we’ve put ourselves in a really great position to come home with a gold medal.”

We’ll continue to follow the skaters as the Olympics approach. As we reported in our story in four years ago, White and Davis have been developing as a team for a long time.

Michigan Alumnus

Michigan Alumnus (text version): “We’ve been skating since we were 5 years old and together since we were 8 and 9,” says Davis. “So we’ve been working at it for a very long time, and the Olympics has been a possibility and on our minds for us for a very long time.”

1/13/14, updated 1/14/14

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