U-M Football Grants Stephen's Wish

U-M Football Grants Stephen's Wish

18-year-old Stephen Loszewski, whose football career was cut short by cancer, sees what it is like to be a prized recruit with his favorite college team. Life member Valerie J. Gordon, ’93, is a coordinating producer with ESPN’s features unit, and oversees the development of the “My Wish” series. While she isn’t responsible for choosing which wishes make to air, hearing that Stephen’s dream of becoming a Wolverine would become a reality made her joyful. 

“When everyone hears that Michigan is in this year’s series, they ask if I had something to do with. I didn’t, but I am thrilled, and even more thrilled because the Athletic Department went all out.”

Valerie went to describe the Athletic Department’s commitment. Days before Stephen was scheduled to visit, he was hospitalized. But the Athletic Department reorganized and made his dream come true when he was well enough. 

The “My Wish” series works in tandem with the Make-A-Wish foundation, and as Valerie describes it, “ups the ante” on the wishes, making them a day-long experience. 

“It’s really a collaboration between the producers, the Athletic Department, and Make-A-Wish. Desmond Howard, who works for ESPN and is of course a famous alum, offered to fly in that day to meet Stephen. My role is to oversee, coordinate and sign-off before these pieces make it to air.”

 Our highlight: Seeing Jake Long, former Michigan OT currently playing for the Rams, display what it truly means to be a Michigan Man.  



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