The Best Study Spots For Finals Uncovered

The Best Study Spots For Finals Uncovered

Finals can be a stressful time, and studying in your dorm can make it worse. All you want is a quiet place to read, but all your roommate wants is a quiet place to practice for her oboe final. Don’t worry; we present several great study spaces on campus.

Hatcher Graduate Library

The stacks of Hatcher, with its distinctive scent of old books, is the perfect study spot for students who are less concerned with fancy furniture, high-tech monitors, and readily available coffee.

“There are lots of great, quiet, isolated locations that make it easy to focus,” said student Katrina Hamann. “I’ve also found that some spots get a lot of natural light, which definitely helps boost morale.”

Second Floor of the UGLi


The second floor of the UGLi has amenities to accommodate all types of studiers. There are communal tables for those who feed on the concentration of others. And there are rooms for study groups and comfy chairs for those who like a homier, more isolated atmosphere.

“I like studying in the UGLi because it’s really quiet,” said sophomore Nathan Loosemore. “And when I’m in an environment where others are being productive, I personally feel motivated to get work done.”

Furthermore, the Askwith Media Library is a perfect resource for decompressing or further exploring your subject of interest with a documentary. The second floor of the UGLi has a slight murmur just loud enough to penetrate the silence yet quiet enough for uninterrupted focus.

The Law Library

The Law Library, often drawing comparisons to Harry Potter’s Hogwarts, is a classic favorite for all types of students on campus. The beauty, stark silence, and highly motivated attendees characterize this study spot.

“I love that it’s beautiful, quiet, and that I’m surrounded by other people who are also hard at work studying,” said Sarah Oleinick.

The famous limestone of the Law Quad is replicated within the walls of the reading room. These walls, paired with the high ceilings and cathedral-like windows, make for a breathtaking—maybe even distracting—view.

Greene Lounge

The Greene Lounge, a small study area located in East Quad, is an escape from the more densely populated areas of the residence hall. The lounge is the location for conversations and meetings held at various points throughout the day.

“It’s nice during the day when both sides of the lounge are flooded with natural light,” said Celeste Goedert. “The window seat is a beautiful place to sit all throughout the year, rain or shine.”

Even when the natural light fades at night, the artificial light is warm and ambient.

“As an East Quad resident,” said Skyler Thomas, “I think the Greene lounge is a convenient study location with minimal noise and comfy chairs.”

Did we miss your favorite study spot? Let us know in the comments.

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