The Art of Finding Last Minute Gifts

The Art of Finding Last Minute Gifts

When the holidays roll around, sometimes you forget a gift for that one person and a feeling of panic sets in. Last minute gifts don’t have to seem last minute. Don’t let that panic feeling distract you, there is still time to find a great gift.

Gift cards seem like an easy “out” for gifts, but they can still be personal. Make sure it’s a gift card for something the receiver will actually use or has expressed interest in in the past. You wouldn’t give a Brooks Brothers gift card to a teenager, but you could give it to the recent graduate looking to build up their career wardrobe.

Ask around, there may be a big gift others are going in on together that you can easily be a part of, too. This is a great way to get your name added to the card while also contributing towards a gift the person really wanted.

Don’t have time to ask around? Avoid the lines by looking online and reserving an item to pick up in store. There are plenty of stores like Target, Best Buy, Kohl’s, Macy’s that give you this option. The only line you’ll have to stand in is the one to pick up the gift, and some stores even offer a gift wrapping service so use that to your advantage.

For the U-M fan in your life, get them some new gear. Keep in mind that an Alumni Association membership is also a great gift, so you can give your alumni or fan the gift of pride this holiday season. Already a member? See how your other discounts can go towards giving great gifts this season.


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