Supreme Court Upholds Ban on Race in College Decisions

Supreme Court Upholds Ban on Race in College Decisions

Photo: Jeff Kubina

The Supreme Court has upheld the state of Michigan’s ban on public universities using race in admissions decisions.

The plurality opinion was written by Justice Anthony Kennedy: (via Freep)

“The plurality opinion stresses that the case is not about the constitutionality or the merits of race conscious admission policies in higher education. Rather, the question concerns whether and in what manner voters in a state may chose to prohibit consideration of such racial preferences.”

After the passing of Proposal 2, the University of Michigan has seen declining underrepresented minority enrollment, dipping to 8.7 percent in 2013. This has prompted student groups, such as the Black Student Union, to organize in hopes of increasing awareness of the minority experience at U-M. 

Some of the dialogue centered on recruitment – representatives from BSU will be involved with winter term recruitment events. The Trotter Multicultural center was also a topic of discussion – more funds will be allocated for its renovation, with future plans to relocate to a more central location. However, U-M must adhere to the laws governing all public Michigan universities, which means it can’t do everything. 

The Alumni Association, an organization independent of the University, is committed to promoting a diverse campus. Started in response to the falling numbers of underrepresented minorities following Proposal 2, the Association’s LEAD Scholars Program provides four-year merit scholarships to outstanding admitted, underrepresented students who demonstrate leadership, excellence, achievement, and diversity. By offering this scholarship, the Alumni Association is able to enhance the educational experience for all students. 

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