Students Tell Us Their Summer Plans

Students Tell Us Their Summer Plans


Vivianne Stewart is graduating with a major in human health and well-being and will be pursuing her MPH in dietetics here at U-M next year. She is also a 200-hour certified yoga instructor and has a passion for nurtition and fitness.This summer, Vivianne will be working as a nutrition assistant in the U-M Residential Dining Administration office.

“I got in contact with Kathryn Whiteside who works in Residential Dining for guidance on pursuing graduate school in the future, and also to find out why she became an RD. Turns out working in the dining hall gave me this connection, which I used a year and a half later to get an internship at the Residential Dining Administration Office after my junior year.”


Junior general biology major and LEAD scholar Briana Lung will be participating in the Summer Enrichment Program at University of Detroit Mercy’s School of Dentistry. With the help of U-M School of Dentistry alumni Dr. Raymond Gist, DDS’66, former president of the American Dental Association (pictured above), who Briana met and networked with at a LEAD Scholarship event, Briana will have yet another experience under her belt that will strengthen her dental school applications. Briana will also work as an Academic Facilitator for the M-Bio/M-STEM Academies Program.

“I have been interested in dentistry since I got braces in high school and I realized that the way your teeth look and feel plays an enormous role in how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you. This program is going to give me DAT prep, hands on dental experience, shadowing hours, and a stipend and the only reason I even heard about this program is because of a UM Alum and LEAD supporter.”


Freshman Amalia Gomez-Rexrode, intending to major in cell and molecular biology with a minor in political science, will be interning with the U.S Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions. As a HELP intern, Amalia hopes to gain a comprehensive understanding of the policy issues facing our current healthcare system in the U.S. As a Washington D.C. native, Amalia has always been eager to intern for Congress and with the help of Pre-Health advisor Joyce Sutton in the Health Scholars Program, Amalia’s dream is coming true.

“I understand there is a significant correlation between an individual’s educational level and the type of health care they receive, and while I have been blessed to have wonderful educational opportunities I want to ensure that there are policies in place to guarantee that vulnerable communities have access to affordable and quality healthcare.”


Junior neuroscience major Sylvia Escolero will be travelling to the Ecuadorian Amazon through U-M’s Global Intercultural Experience for Undergraduates program to volunteer and learn more about ecology, biodiversity, conservation, and sustainable practices. Sylvia is looking forward to exploring a topic of interest that is unrelated to her area of study. While she is still in Ann Arbor, Sylvia will be continuing her research at U-M’s Cancer Center and has also accepted a short-term position as a research assistant for her professor’s cognitive neuropsychology lab.

“Sustainability is and will continue to be the most significant concept of this generation and those to follow. There is no quick fix with regards to these issues and this program, so the focus of it is to broaden our understanding and to persistently look at these issues in a critical manner.”


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