Students React to Snow on Campus

Students React to Snow on Campus

The first snowfall has hit Michigan’s campus. Even though it was just a dusting, students are both dreading and anxiously awaiting the winter weather. While some are ready for warmer climates, others are looking forward to winter sports and the possibility of more snow days. 

Sean Bacon, sophomore

“This isn’t a shameless advertisement or anything, but I’m excited for Men’s Glee Club concerts. Oh, and Christmas!”

Chukwuka Akunne, senior

“I hate everything about the winter. It is hard to get up in the morning and go to class, I have no motivation to go to lectures in the cold and the snow.”

Celina Soto, Senior

What’s your least favorite part about winter?

“When it is cold and windy outside and I can’t open my eyes to see!”

What are you excited for?

“I am excited for Thanksgiving Break! I am going to eat lots of food and spend time with my family!”

Ellen Junewick, Kalyna Petrusha, Chitra Ramanathan, seniors

What’s your least favorite part about winter?

“Long walks to class that seem to get infinitely longer.”

“Cold weather.”

“Icy sidewalks.”

What are you excited for?

“I am definitely excited for the holidays, to see my family over winter break and to have lots and lots of hot chocolate”

“I’m not sure . . . winter break probably?”

“I love the way icy trees look, sledding, skiing, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, Christmas, snowmen, skipping class, snow cones, and Christmas sweaters!”

Tey’Ariana Marshall-Broaden and Nicholas Powell, freshmen 

“I don’t like the cold and the fact that I can’t dress cute.”

“The wind is terrible, I could deal with the cold, but the wind is what kills me.

Remember to check out the light boxes at the Counseling and Psychological Services Wellness Center if you begin to experience seasonal affective disorder. 

What are your thoughts on the changing weather?

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