Students Advocate for Sexual Assault Awareness

Students Advocate for Sexual Assault Awareness

By junior Kelli Bartelotti

As No-Shave-November came to an end on campus, many students went from scraggly to clean-shaven. While for some this was just a time to slack-off on grooming, for others their beard was a show of activism. The university’s Sexual Assault Prevention & Awareness Center held their annual “No Shave November for Consent” campaign. This was just one of many events held on campus this past month to advocate for sexual assault prevention.

I sat down with LSA senior Hannah Crisler to discuss some of the student-led campaigns happening on campus. Crisler is the Director of the I Will Campaign.

“I Will is a student-led campaign that works to break the silence surrounding sexual assault on college campuses. We use a grassroots approach and innovative media to encourage students to engage in conversations that challenge mainstream attitudes about rape and abuse,” says Crisler. [I Will] is a positive, all-inclusive campaign, which allows every student join their peers in the ongoing fight against sexual violence.”

Crisler is also involved with the “It’s On Us” Campaign. It’s On Us is a nation-wide campaign created by the White House to engage students to work towards ending sexual assault on campus. The Central Student Government has been heavily involved with It’s On Us since President Obama launched the campaign in September.

Senior and member of the I Will Campaign, Adam DesJardins, making a pledge at the Maize Night Madness Pep Rally

In addition to preventing sexual assault, these organizations are also working to create a community of support for students to feel comfortable reporting and discussing when sexual assault does happen. SAPAC recently held their 28th Annual Speak Out in which survivors were given the floor to share personal stories in a safe, confidential space.

The University has also published its first ever student sexual misconduct report.  The report details 129 cases of potential sexual misconduct between 2013-14. In the previous year, 83 were reported. 73 were reported in 2011-12, nine in 2010-11, and four in 2009-10. Having this data accessible for students is meant to both inform students and make them feel comfortable to come forward and report incidents when they do occur.

As November comes to a close, we look forward to the events that these campaigns and organizations have planned next. This Friday is SAPAC’s Pizza House Fundraiser.

  • If you’d like to get involved with either the I Will Campaign or It’s On Us contact Hannah Crisler at
  • To find out more about SAPAC visit their website  or call their 24 Hour Crisis Line at 734-936-3333.

What social justice issues are you involved with on campus?

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