Student group “Take Back the Residential College”

Student group “Take Back the Residential College”

The Residential College in East Quad is known as a place where creativity and expression have been celebrated. Recently, however, a group called “Take Back the RC” has started in the interest of promoting student’s exploration. From the group’s Facebook page:

We want to highlight that these murals should not have the intent of being vandalism or invasive, and especially should not be an attack against anyone or anything.

The RC walls have been adorned with student murals for sometime, those sanctioned by the administration. Recently students have taken to putting their own unauthorized art up. From RC Director Angela Dillard, to RC Students:

Believe it or not, most of those bizarre paintings on the corridor walls are university sanctioned. What’s more, Housing supplies the paint. Of course, such an attractive offer has a few hitches but they are hardly constricting.

Those regulations include obtaining approval from the Housing Director and using only paint. 

Via the Michigan Daily:

RC students are pushing for a return to the old (East Quad) community, which was characterized by underground music venues, paint-covered walls and a generally grungy ambiance.

Alumni Association Student Reporter India Solomon is a RC student and had this to say:

I can say that among the Freshman class, there’s a prevailing feeling of confusion since we are under the impression that the RC is already so liberal and supportive of the arts. A lot of us don’t understand why rebellion or protest is necessary.

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