Student Dialogue With Administration Brings Progress

Student Dialogue With Administration Brings Progress

Political Actions Chair, Arnold Reed, and Treasurer, Robert Greenfield, representing #BBUM on CNN

A joint statement was released yesterday, detailing the progress made thanks to discussions between administrators and leaders of the Black Student Union. 

Beginning in the fall, the Black Student Union led a campaign directed towards increasing awareness of the minority experience on campus. The hashtag #BBUM (Being Black at the University of Michigan) garnered national attention. 

Weekly meetings between BSU and administrators have been in place since January, addressing the following issues:

Increasing the enrollment of underrepresented minorities on the U-M campus.

BSU students are assisting with winter term events and initiatives designed to increase yield of admitted underrepresented minority applicants consistent with constitutional requirements. The Alumni Association’s LEAD Scholars Program provides assistance for outstanding admitted, underrepresented students.

• Making students more aware of how to access emergency funds.

 A survey determined that funds for emergency issues for all students have not been exhausted for the academic year. 

• Improving the existing Trotter Multicultural Center and planning for a center closer to the heart of campus.

The university has also allocated additional funds for the Trotter Multicultural Center, as well as implementing a long term relocation plan.

• Better off-campus transportation to areas of affordable housing for students.

To address the issue of off-campus transportation, President Mary Sue Coleman met with the Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti Regional Chamber of Commerce, adovocating for expanded public transit coverage.


Tyrell Collier, BSU speaker, had this to say:

“I think this movement, in all of its facets, served as a huge reality check for both university officials and the University of Michigan community at large. However, it opened the door for us to have a constructive dialogue on the challenging issues facing U-M’s campus and get to work on finding ways to alleviate these problems. Working hand-in-hand with university officials proved to be the best method for tackling tough issues facing the student body.”

Learn more about what the Alumni Association is doing to promote diversity on campus. 

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