Rachel Brunner is Welcome Wednesday Poet

Rachel Brunner is Welcome Wednesday Poet

Wednesday is widely known as the most unwelcoming and angst-filled day of the week. Even worse, you’re not really halfway through the week until you make it through Wednesday morning. The Alumni Center knows the feeling, and that’s why we hold the Welcome Wednesday event every Wednesday from 8 a.m.-noon to make your hump day a little more bearable.

Senior Rachel Brunner knows the deal. She’s been coming to Welcome Wednesdays at the Alumni Center since she discovered the event as a carefree, second-semester freshman.  Rachel has made a point to come every week she’s in town, and she has even taken to promoting the event on Facebook in some very unique ways.


“WW just kind of became my go-to thing, so I rolled with it and kept going,” Rachel said. Her posts range from simple advertisements to catchy rhymes and full poems. It is safe to say that Rachel’s work has become a hot commodity on Facebook and definitely here at the Alumni Center.

Not only does Rachel understand the challenges of hump day, but she also understands the realities of college. “As soon as I moved off campus and had to start buying my own groceries, I looked forward to every WW because it was one less breakfast to buy or prepare myself,” she said.


And that’s exactly why we’re here. The Welcome Wednesday Staff arrives at the Alumni Center bright and early, (some as early as 6:30 a.m.) to prepare for the event. Believe it or not, their sleep-deprived smiles don’t fade until the last bagel has been distributed.

“WW gives me something to look forward to in the beginning of the week,” Rachel said. “Especially when I’m craving a specialty bagel with no money in my pocket.” The variety of bagels is always the main attraction; our staff takes pride in being able to recommend their favorites. When asked her favorite flavor, Rachel replied promptly: “Chocolate chip because chocolate.”

So, when your alarm jerks you awake at 7.am next Wednesday, think of the Alumni Association to get you through the toughest day of the week.


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