President Obama Visits Ann Arbor

President Obama Visits Ann Arbor

President Obama visited Ann Arbor on April 2 to discuss the proposed federal minimum wage increase, from $7.25 to $10.10 (Michigan’s minimum wage is $7.40). He spoke in front of students and community leaders in the Intramural Building on campus.

Before his remarks, the President stopped at Zingerman’s for a sandwich.

Reportedly, he ordered a Classic Reuben No. 2. He spoke about sharing his sandwich with U-M alumnae Valarie Jarret. 

The President connected well with the local crowd. We spotted a few campus celebrities in the stands. 

via devg98:

Obama gave his thoughts on March Madness. 

In response to the proposed minimum wage increase, Ross School of Business Professor Wallace Hopp had this say. via RossBlogs:

Many employers are already paying lower wages than they would pay in an efficient market, so legislation that forces them to pay a (modestly) higher wage does not result in laying off workers. Their labor is still cost effective.

Conservative columnist Ann Coulter, JD’88, disagrees with the proposed increase:

“Any serious economist will tell you–you artificially increase the minimum wage, that will reduce the number of jobs … The reason the natural minimum wage, what people are being paid on the low end of the scale, is so low is because our immigration policies are dumping millions of low wage workers in America.”

President Obama has visited U-M the most of any sitting President–this most recent visit makes three. According to the Ann Arbor News, U-M’s first presidential visit dates back to 1892, when Grover Cleveland visited campus. 

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