Pictures: ESPN College GameDay Visits Campus

Pictures: ESPN College GameDay Visits Campus

Despite the Wolverines’ hard-fought loss to Wisconsin on Saturday, the campus was filled with Maize and Blue pride as ESPN College GameDay returned to Ann Arbor. We were there to capture the behind-the-scenes shots you didn’t see on TV. 

The Signs

Letters don’t matter when you’re talking about Harbaugh.

The world may never know what this fan wanted to say.

That’s how the Alumni Association starts every morning.

Austin Hatch

ESPN will be airing a 30 minute documentary on the Austin Hatch story on February 8.

 Keep an eye out for more coverage from the Alumni Association. 

The Distractions

After showing Arizona State’s Curtain of Distraction, the GameDay crew at the Crisler Center had to contend with some distractions of their own.

A burly Michigan Man could do the trick.

Or a guy balancing far too many chairs on his chin.

And they threw in a fire-twirler for good measure.

The Harbaugh

Coach Jim did his best to coach a student through the half-court shot.

The Traitor

How could you Jay? How could you?

To see more pictures from the GameDay broadcast and from the game itself, head over to the Alumni Association Facebook page

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