Most Disliked College Football Programs by State (Unofficially)

Most Disliked College Football Programs by State (Unofficially)

As the map says: “This is not an official poll so don’t get upset over nothing.”

Users of one of the internet’s most popular websites, Reddit (ranked No.18 in the U.S.A.), conducted a non-scientific poll to find out which college football programs are disliked the most in each state. 

In what will come as no surprise, Ohio State topped the votes in Michigan. With 8063 total poll responses, Michigan residents accounted for 11 percent of the vote. Ohio State received 2142 votes, or 27 percent of the total. 

My question: What did the University of Michigan ever do to Maine? There’s no reason we can’t be friends.

The First Map

The map above is the second attempt at completing this poll. The first iteration was plagued by spammers and fake votes.

Michigan takes up much more of the map in this first version, including the state of Michigan. Doubtful. 

Why does the storied Michigan football program get so much hate? A case of Maize and Blue envy, perhaps? 

 [Reddit CFB, h/t Bleacher Report]

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