Mike Flood's 43 Years of Service

Mike Flood's 43 Years of Service

Mike Flood, ’66, MBA’67, came to U-M as an independent student paying for his own education. He was helped along financially with a scholarship that came from business school alumni. He decided then that he would give back to scholarship funds when he was able.

Mike walking in to his surprise recognition with wife, Phyllis. 

Mike became involved with the U of M Club of San Diego in 1971. He learned of the club scholarship program then—they were used to encourage students to attend U-M instead of staying closer to home in California. Taking over as scholarship chair in 1997, he guided the club to help every student attending U-M from San Diego. Only those with athletic scholarships didn’t receive assistance from the club.

Mike and audience look on as Alumni Association President Steve Grafton delivers remarks.

Working tirelessly over 43 years, Mike has helped hundreds of students find their way to Michigan. Earlier this year, the Alumni Association gave Mike the Distinguished Alumni Service Award in recognition of his efforts. The award was established in 1947 to highlight and celebrate unselfish service and support to the University and/or Alumni Association.  Less than 350 alumni have received this award in its history. A surprise reception was held in his honor in May, but according to Mike, the real reward was helping the students. 

“I really enjoy watching people become successful. Watching the 400 students I worked with over the years come to Michigan has been so rewarding.”

From left to right: Christopher Mordy, ’96, Mike Flood, and President Steve Grafton. 

The power of the alumni network was on display when Mike told us about his favorite scholarships to give out. Just as with the Alumni Association’s LEAD Scholarship, sometimes Mike could be there in instances the University can’t.

“Sometimes the financial need of a student on paper doesn’t reflect their actual family situation. Sometimes the University had their hands tied. We were able to help out with additional financial aid,” Mike said. “It made the difference between a student coming to Michigan and not being able to. Those are most rewarding cases, where the circumstances can’t be reflected in standard documents.”

Photos by Ksenia Tuttle. 

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