Michigan Dining Meal Plans Go Unlimited

Michigan Dining Meal Plans Go Unlimited

All photos courtesy of Michigan Dining.

This year, residential meal plans underwent a dramatic renovation—they’re unlimited. Rumors about the change leaked last year, eliciting a mixed response from students.

According to Michigan Dining spokesperson Peter Logan, recent culinary and structural improvements throughout all Michigan Dining facilities paired with the new meal plans provide students with the greatest value.

“We’ve invested a considerable amount of energy into improving the environment and culinary experience in our dining halls,” Logan said. “Dining has always been a major consideration in our work to improve campus living experience for students. The unlimited plan facilitates easier use and access and responds to the popularity of our new dining halls.”

Logan says that Michigan’s chefs are getting more professional training and experience to enhance culinary creativity.  Chefs are incorporating more fresh, locally produced ingredients into their recipes, and offer many made-to-order options such as sandwiches, omelets and stir fry.

Sydney Helsel is a sophomore and Michigan Dining employee.

 “It is easier to enjoy a spontaneous lunch or study snack with friends because we no longer have to ration our meal swipes. As an employee, not much has changed except that there seems to be fewer plates full of food being smuggled out.”

Documents provided by Michigan Dining state that students will be less inclined to eat large amounts of food in one sitting in order to make the most out of their swipe. This promotes healthier eating habits and less meal-conservation anxiety.

In addition to meals being unlimited, Dining Dollars, which expire at the end of the year if unused, can now be used throughout all Michigan Dining operations, including University Unions, Bert’s Café and Mujo’s. In previous years, Dining Dollars could only be used at residential hall cafés.


What memories of the dining halls do you have? Were you one to sneak out food? What about taking a tray and going to the Arb? How would you feel about the change if you were still a student?

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