Krazy Jim's is Back!

Krazy Jim's is Back!

We asked alumni like you what they miss most about Ann Arbor for the member-only Michigan Alumnus magazine, and Blimpy Burger was a top response. Now that the shop has reopened, will you take part in this uniquely Ann Arbor experience when you come back? Even if you don’t have plans to return anytime soon, you can stay in touch with campus by joining the Alumni Association.

Photo by Sean White.

Why does Blimpy Burger resonate with so many people? It’s just not because Blimpy Burger is cheap and delicious; McDonald’s is cheap and delicious. Monica Martin, who has been coming to Blimpy Burger her whole life, shares her experience:  “Our whole family grew up in here; we have generations of family who have been coming here. My aunt worked here when she was 15. It’s like a celebrity spot.”

For those who make it through the specific ordering process, another problem arises. 

“The main problem with Blimpy’s is that it’s so good, you eat your meal way too fast and then it’s over all too soon,” said senior Benjamin Foote.

This issue may be part of the reason people continue to come back. Time spent at Krazy Jims means something different for everyone. For some, it’s a tradition. For others, it’s just a good meal. For one customer, it’s this: “We just got married last weekend and this was the first place I could think of for an after-wedding meal,” customer Anne Johnson… no, Anne Locklin, said, remembering her new name just in time. 

Whether it’s to get that “stereotypical college food” fix or just to be part of the culture that surrounds it, make the trek down to Krazy Jim’s. One customer sums it up eloquently: “Good people, good food, greasy food; it’s just good.”

But don’t forget: Number of patties, type of bun, grilled items, and THEN cheese. Condiments last.

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