Have an Overly Demanding Boss?

It’s frustrating when your boss asks for just a bit too much. It’s important to strike a good work-life balance, but they might not see it the same way. We have four big tips to help you save your sanity (and your bosses’).

Speak to Your Strengths

Understanding your interests and strengths is key to being able to request work and projects that have the greatest potential to make you shine.

Write Things Down.

It is helpful to keep a ‘running list’ of matters to discuss and rather than interrupting your supervisor throughout the day, save non-time sensitive matters for a scheduled one-on-one time.

Get Your Role Definition

Not your job description-on paper or email as an informal ‘contract’ and use this as a respectful way to respond when saying very polite “no.”Being careful about what work you say “no” to is key to your long-term satisfaction and should be defined. Try to stay focused on what was in this contract or personal career strategic planlaid at the outset of your employment.

Learn to Listen 

To what is not being said. Learning to listen deeply is something that can be practiced and learned. Using key phrases such as ‘what I hear you saying is…’ can help make sure you are actually both hearing and understanding in the same way.

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