Fraternities to Stop Allowing Liquor

Fraternities to Stop Allowing Liquor

U-M’s Interfraternity Council voted on Feb. 19 to ban the use of liquor at large parties.

“Large” parties are defined as open events that have up to 200 attendees. There are exceptions to the rule, as football game days are exempt. 

Tommy Wydra is president of IFC.

“This didn’t happen in response to any particular issue. We are trying to be proactive with risk management policies we put in place. This is the result of multiple years of planning and interacting with groups like University Health Service.”

Tommy also addressed the thinking behind keeping liquor at smaller events.

“We did a risk assesment and examined where the serious issues were. We decided that the biggest issues did occur at the biggest parties. The majority of other events are smaller and mostly contain people who have been trained through UHS.”

 IFC is made up of 30 member organizations. 27 voted in favor of the ban. Brad Kaschalk is president of Kappa Sigma, which voted in favor of the new regulation. 

“I think the new bylaw is good for University of Michigan Greek Life as a whole, as well as the larger University community.”

What are your thoughts on this new rule for U-M fraternities? Does this mean a safer campus?





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