Five Questions for LEAD Scholar Miekyn Cotton

Five Questions for LEAD Scholar Miekyn Cotton

Miekyn Cotton ‘18, University of Michigan, Engineering

Hometown and Hobbies

I’m from Adrian, Michigan, and I enjoy just about anything that involves animals or water. Swimming and lounging with my dog on the lake are two of my favorite things to do. On campus I’m involved in MSTEM, Bursley Hall Council, LEAD and UROP, which keep me pretty busy.

Future Plans

I hope to attend graduate school for either engineering or bio-medical sciences, and I would like to research regenerative tissues or immunology.

Why Michigan?

I chose Michigan because it has so much to offer. I know that if I decide to change my major, I’ll still be in a top-ranked program. Additionally, while on my campus tours I could very easily picture myself in the places we were visiting. It was a very easy decision after I got my college acceptance letters, University of Michigan was really the only one I wanted, and now it’s home.

Favorite LEAD Moment

My favorite LEAD moment had to be the LEAD Olympics, it was during the first week of moving in and it was such a wonderful way to meet my peers! In a new place it’s always nice to know you have people to help guide and support you, and the LEAD Olympics helped show me just that.

Advice to LEAD Scholars

My advice to other LEAD Scholars is to be flexible and change if something comes back differently than what you wanted. As finals end and a new semester starts, it’s important to know if exams come back differently than what you wanted, change your study habits as something clearly didn’t work in your favor the previous time

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