EnspiRED: All Aboard the Red Express

EnspiRED: All Aboard the Red Express

EnspiRED, a student organization on campus, held its ninth-annual charity fashion show this past weekend in the Biomedical Science Research Building. This year, EnspiRED took attendees on a trip across the world with tastes of culture from Russia, Japan, India, England, the United States, Ghana, and Brazil.

Guests seated along the runway of the EnspiRED fashion show at the BSRB.

Why was this year’s show called the Red Express?

Guests dressed in some of their best attire arrive early before the show to secure a good seat.

Chris James, marketing chair for EnspiRED explains. “It was called the Red Express as a change of the ‘Polar Express’. One, our show is in the winter. Two, the inspiration was just to travel all around the world and highlight the fashion of multiple countries. We recognized the importance of the arts and realized that we needed to expand it beyond just going across America, but going across the world.”

Why was there a snake?

The snake. Notice: snake, model, and startled faces in the background.

“The infamous snake. For the Brazil scene we needed to make sure it was a hit, seeing as Rio de Janeiro is such a colorful tourist attraction,” James said. “We had planned to bring a 12-foot yellow/white snake, but unfortunately it was too heavy for our model to conveniently hold and walk on the runway. So we settled for a smaller snake, but I feel like it definitely brought a thrill to the scene.”

What is EnspiRED about?

Model working the runway in the Moscow, Russia inspired portion of the show.

“InspiRED is one of the three black fashion shows on campus—a majority of the participants are black and it is a black funded organization, but there are other races and cultures too,” said Olubisi Ajetunmobi, international studies senior. This year’s charity was Arts and Scraps.

“They get a lot of different vendors and designers to come in so that people that are a part of the fashion show will wear their clothes and then they will model it. This is a legit student run fashion show and a big deal in the black community.”

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