Dress to Impress

Dress to Impress


Congrats, you’ve finally landed that job! You know exactly how to dress to nail that interview. But have you thought about how your clothing will impact your career success now that you’re hired? They say, “You can’t judge a book by its cover,” but now that they’ve seen the cover, they’re ready to read the novel. Take these tips into account to leave the right lasting impression in your workplace:

  • Wear clothes that fit well. Too baggy or too tight can be unprofessional. Look sharp by wearing clothes that fit just right.

  • Observe how others in the office are dressing. Every workplace is different so if you’re worried that an outfit may not work, don’t wear it until you’re sure. It’s better to play it safe rather than be noticed for inappropriate clothing.

  • Don’t wear shorts. Some workplaces are more casual than others. More and more offices are leaning towards a casual dress code, but for the most part shorts are not an option.

  • Gentleman: Some companies have a policy on facial hair. You probably won’t be dismissed on grounds of a “hearty beard,” but you want to make sure you don’t appear as lazy.

  • Ladies: some offices may have a policy on low-cut shirts or mini-skirts. Take your cues from other ladies in the office and the dress code policy to find the right balance between stylish and professional.

  • If you’re going to accessorize, make it count. Make sure your tie is neatly tied, your rings aren’t clinking as you work and that these accoutrements don’t interfere with getting your work done.

  • Sorry, but American Eagle and Hollister are not going to have the office wear you need. Stores like Loft, Gap, Brooks Brothers, and Jos. A. Bank are good places to find work appropriate clothing.

Shopping for an office wardrobe can be expensive, but members of the Alumni Association can get discounts from stores like Brooks Brothers and Jos. A. Bank. And as you prepare your closet for your career, prepare yourself by joining our webinars on topics like Your First 100 Days on the Job


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