Do You Need A Vacation?

Do You Need A Vacation?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could magically go on the perfect exotic vacation without having to do any of the planning? You don’t have to hire a travel agent – just travel with your Alumni Association!

“I think the kind of people who want to go on alumni trips are those who are adventurous and want to see the world, but also curious intellectually—they want to understand what is going on” – U-M Professor Tom Lyon

“Number one, it is first class travel … The trips are always well planned, with great leadership…The biggest thing is we’ve always had great U-M hosts, and because the trips are predominately alumni, a great Go Blue spirit.” – Dick Weiermiller, ’63

 You’ll learn, see the sights, and bond with other lifelong Wolverines – and you won’t have to worry about a single detail. Perfect. Now you just have to decide which trip to take! Download our 2015 Travel Brochure and find:

  • A full schedule of tours for the upcoming year
  • Details on what makes traveling with the Alumni Association so amazing
  • Which tours we’re featuring in the upcoming year
  • Which landmarks, cultures, and locations you’ll see on each tour
  • Why Wolverines like you love traveling with the Alumni Association

Download the 2015 Travel Brochure Now!

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