Do Alumni Tailgate Better Than Students?

Do Alumni Tailgate Better Than Students?

Do Alumni tailgate better than students? These graduates and their admittedly awesome pants think so. 

“As an alum, you know how to enjoy the richness of the experience and take it all in.”

Do you agree with his mindful view of the tailgating experience?

There is a great way for students and alumni to get along at a tailgate…

Five Things Not to Miss at the Go Blue Tailgate

The Alumni Association’s Go Blue Homecoming Tailgate is for members and students only, so sign up and enjoy things like: 

5. Saying “Hi” to Bo and visiting the Michigan Football Towsley Museum.

4. Joining the Ford family and celebrating one of our most famous alumni, Gerald Ford, and the 100th anniversary of the Ford School of Public Policy.

3. Singing Hail to the Victors with President Schlissel.

2. A new marketplace tailgate menu, complete with five food stations offering unique grab-and-go options.

1. And one very exciting addition that will be announced soon. 

Get the details and register today.

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