Dealing With Career Setbacks

Our immediate reaction when we experience this kind of career ‘crisis’ may be to turn to supportive friends to feed our reactionary sense of injustice- “You have a right to be angry” or “Yes, it really is not fair.” But the secret is, how could we use those candid career moments or setbacks to grow, rebound and be better than ever before.

Admittedly, it’s hard when one has invested blood, sweat and tears into a potential promotion or job. And we might pass through the typical stages associated with any loss (such as denial, anger, bargaining or depression) but, the key is, do we stop before we get to Acceptance stage? If so what are the ways we can make it there to turn our setback into an advancement strategy? Here are some tips.

Work with one of our preferred coaches to find out how you can turn those moments from setbacks into ‘leap forwards.’ 

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