Club Scholarship Recipient Gives Back

Club Scholarship Recipient Gives Back

While you have many options to give back on Giving Blueday, the Alumni Association gives you a chance to make an impact in your local community. More than 400 club scholarships are given each year to students on their way to Michigan. 

Mike Pearson, ’03, JD’06, was the recipient of exactly that kind of giving. Graduating high school in Washington, D.C., Pearson was a recipient of the U of M Club of D.C.’s scholarship, which is funded by local alumni. Now he gives back to the fund that helped him become a Victor. 

“U-M had been a dream school of mine since I was a boy. It was home for me when my father was stationed here teaching ROTC,” Mike Pearson said, pictured here with wife and life member Maren. “I’d been bleeding Maize and Blue since the Schembechler years.” 

“I remembered how much I enjoyed the thought of living in Ann Arbor, and how much it would help to know I had the support–both financial and otherwise–from the alumni in my area to make a childhood dream come true and become a Wolverine.”

Pearson completed his undergraduate degree and law school in Ann Arbor, helped all along the way by his local club. Moving back to D.C. in fall 2007, he began practicing intellectual property law and attending some club events.

“I had been thinking about how this scholarship was an important opportunity for me. I wanted to support other students from the area. Once I hit a point where I could contribute financially to do that, it was important for me to do so.”

Pearson is now a regular contributor to the D.C. club’s scholarship fund. One of his best moments in giving involves a D.C. club event in which he met the scholarship winner for that year. 

“I went to introduce myself, and it was the current scholarship winner. She was going to graduate high school in a month and go to the College of Engineering. I sat down and talked to her a little bit about Ann Arbor. It was a very rewarding conversation–that I’m able to continue to send some of our best and brightest to Michigan.” 

You have the potential to give a chance to the kid down the street to come to Michigan, just like Mike. Donating to the Alumni Association’s club scholarship program makes a real impact on campus and in your community. 

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