Check Out: The Best Harbaugh Videos, Tweets

Check Out: The Best Harbaugh Videos, Tweets

From our Facebook: “The daughter just looked up Michigan weather online.”

Jim Harbaugh is here to fulfill his childhood dream-to coach the Wolverines. “You have my pledge that I will carry forward the tradition of excellence of the University of Michigan football program,” he said during Tuesday’s press conference. While Harbaugh is getting to work building his program, we put together some of the best videos and tweets about U-M’s 20th football coach.

5. Harbaugh’s Ovation

At Tuesday’s Michigan men’s basketball game, the crowd gave Harbaugh a Maize and Blue Welcome, even though in his words “I haven’t done anything yet.”

4. Jim is Saved by the Bell

Jim brought his family to the press conference Tuesday, but his “cousin” Screech from Saved by the Bell was curiously absent.

3.  Harbaugh Makes a Guarantee

Jim guaranteed a win against Ohio State as the Michigan quarterback in 1986. He declined to make any guarantees during Tuesday’s presser, saying he has gotten wiser. 

2. Sarah Harbaugh Stops Dad Pants

Jim’s affinity for cheap khakis is well-known, but his wife Sarah teamed up with Dockers to make a stand against Dad Pants. 

1. A Young Celebration

Jim Harbaugh was just 13 years-old in this video, when he ran on the field to congratulate Rick Leach on a touchdown run.

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