Back to School Do's and Don'ts

Back to School Do's and Don'ts

So, you’re finally in Ann Arbor for the school year and you’re eager to start crossing things off your “to-do” list. In a city full of things to do, it’s pretty easy to forget what not to do. Here are quick tips to get you started. 

Do go for a walk in The Arb.

Don’t ruin the scenery by trying to run a marathon (unless you’re one of those people).


Do make the trek from Central Campus to Main St.

Don’t bring more than $25 and see what you can do.

Photo by Dominick Duldulao 

Do watch out for free Jimmy Johns around campus.

Don’t hesitate to walk by more than once

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Do attend all of those beginning-of-the-year gatherings for networking purposes.

Don’t get too sign-up happy at Festifall! Your email will thank you.


Do get back into your workout routine.

Don’t head to the IM building just yet. You’ll have plenty of time for that during the polar vortex that is sure to happen again this winter.


Do feed the squirrels as they prepare for winter.

Don’t feed them salted peanuts.

Photo by Dominick Duldulao

Do grab your favorite sushi from Totoro on State St.  

Don’t forget to compare it to Miya (formerly on North U.

Photo by Dominick Duldulao 

Do get reacquainted with those irresistible dining hall cookies.

Don’t try to smuggle 20 of them like they won’t be there tomorrow! … and the next day… and forever.

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Do participate in Welcome Week shenanigans.

Don’t set a bad example for the incoming freshmen (like these guys).

Photo by Rowan Renstrom-Richards

Do catch a free ride to the vibrant city of Detroit with the Detroit Center Connector.

Don’t forget to bring friends and check out this year’s new schedule.


What tips would you share with fellow students?

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