Avoid a Travel Nightmare – Tips for the Holiday Season

Avoid a Travel Nightmare – Tips for the Holiday Season

Wolverines, we are in the midst of another holiday season. As you prepare for another blisteringly cold and snowy season, you’re also making travel plans. We’ve got you covered with these tips to make your holiday plans run as smoothly as possible.

Pack Wisely

If you can, fit everything in a carry-on. You’ll save yourself from the bag fees and long waits at baggage claim. You also avoid the risk of losing any important items in case your luggage gets lost. Also, remember to save a little room for any gifts or souvenirs you may bring back.

Expect the Unexpected

The holiday season brings an overflow of travelers through the airports so make sure you arrive at the airport earlier than usual to give yourself time to catch your flight. Don’t be too surprised if poor weather conditions cause delays or a cancelled flight. Familiarize yourself with your airline’s flight cancellation policies and if you’re stuck overnight, check out what hotels are nearby. Remember, members can get discounts on hotels, too.

Travel Apps

Apps can be incredibly useful for when you’re on the road. GasBuddy is a great way to find the cheapest gas in your area. Flight View gives you live updates on flight delays and more. Uber gives you an easy way to get from place to place all for a cheaper rate than the average taxi.

Get Through Security

Navigating airport security and customs often requires long waits in line. TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry are two programs that can help expedite the process. The Alumni Travel team recommends Global Entry if you travel abroad and TSA Pre-Check if you travel domestically. Find out more about the programs and what type is best for you or contact the Alumni Travel Team (they hold Global Entry clearance) for more information. 

Avoid the Hassle

Sometimes, traveling during the holidays is overwhelming and it’s easier to do what is convenient. Renting a vehicle is one of the best ways to save the hassle of finding rides, and members get discounts at most rental companies. Also make sure that you are renting the appropriate vehicle for your destination. Trekking through Vermont in a Prius is not ideal, so be smart about your selection.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to tackle peak travel season and avoid a nightmare on the road. As an Alumni Association member, you can receive great perks that help you save money and travel safely over the holidays. Take advantage of these member exclusives and all you’ll need to worry about is buying the perfect gifts for your loved ones, or choosing the perfect trip from our travel team. 

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