Athletic Department Announces Cell Service at Big House

Athletic Department Announces Cell Service at Big House

In a press released sent out last Friday, the Athletic Department announced their plans for increased cellular coverage at the Big House. 

“We expect to have much improved cellular coverage and a dependable service for our fans,” said Rob Rademacher, Associate Athletic Director for Facilities and Operations, in the release. “The goal is for improved service to make calls, send texts, upload or download photos and connect to social media throughout the game day experience.”

The upgrade bolsters the stadium’s distributed antenna system and is being funded by the cellular carriers Verizon and AT&T. 

Saturday’s Manchester United vs. Real Madrid exhibition served as a testing ground for the upgrade. Austin Bailey, ’13, saw some effects of the upgrade at the game. 

“I did notice that my phone was saying I had a signal/LTE. My texts and messages would eventually send.”

Will your gameday experience change as a result of the upgrades? Let us know. 

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