Association Staffer Meets Wolverines in Ecuador

Association Staffer Meets Wolverines in Ecuador

Christina Lineback, ’12, Annie Miller, Beth Lineback, and Stephen Lichtenstein, ’11.

Annual Giving Officer Annie Miller was visiting her brother, who is currently teaching in Ecuador, when she came across family of another kind: Michigan Wolverines. 

On her second day in the country, Annie was hiking the Pichincha Volcano in Quito. After having enough of walking in the altitude, she rented a horse while wearing her very stylish Michigan fleece. 

“We were getting ready to go when I heard ‘Hey, Michigan!’ So I look over and there were three people in Michigan gear standing a few feet away from me.”

Christina and Stephen are MD candidates in the Medical School. Annie was pleasantly surprised by the chance encounter. 

“I was wondering if anyone would recognize my Block M. I was definitely not expecting to see any alumni in the mountains of Ecuador. It was a very cool experience.”

According to the latest numbers, there are 53 Michigan alumni living in Ecuador. 

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