Around the World With the Weiermillers

Around the World With the Weiermillers

By Logan McGrady, ’13. All photos by the Weiermillers.

Good news everyone: Our 2015 Travel Collection is about to be in full-swing. I talked to life members Dick Weiermiller, ’63, and wife Cinda, ’63, about the nine trips they have taken with us.. The couple first experienced Alumni Association Travel with a two-week jaunt through European capitals, led by Association President Steve Grafton. According to Cinda, that member-exclusive trip “gave them an appetite to see more.”

Dick and Cinda have been on nine trips with Alumni Association Travel. 

Now preparing for their tenth trip with us, I wondered what kept them coming back. Dick summed it up nicely.

“Number one, it is first class travel. While you pay more, you get what you pay for. The trips are always well planned, with great leadership…The biggest thing is we’ve always had great U-M hosts, and because the trips are predominately alumni, a great Go Blue spirit.”

Cinda remembers their trip to Vietnam fondly, due to her memories of teaching Vietnamese children in America.  We have a trip through Vietnam ready for you to book. 

Some other trips the Alumni Association is offering in 2015 include:

 “I think we both agree that every trip provided something that was just special. Each one was so unique and so fulfilling.”

Cinda, an educator, sits with a fellow Masai teacher. 

Their most unusual exploration? Antarctica. An excursion to the Baltic was cancelled, and in its stead the couple traveled to the frozen south. 

“We actually went swimming at Desolation Island. It was volcanically-heated water. It was such a departure from the norm.”

No Antarctica trips in 2015, but perhaps Patagonia could suffice?

Tanzania was perhaps their most exciting cultural connection, owing to the wildlife they came in close contact with. In the summer 2014 issue of Michigan Alumnus, I detailed the efforts of other travelers in Tanzania–$10,000 was collected by them to construct a school room. Dick and Cinda’s trip also had a humanitarian bent–the travelers brought over school supplies for the children. 

Rather appropriately, the Weiermillers’ tenth trip will be to the Baltic–the same trip that was cancelled years ago. They will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary with another couple while abroad—a nice twist for travelers who have literally been all over the world. 

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