Ann B. Davis, '48, Passes Away

Ann B. Davis, '48, Passes Away

Ann B. Davis, who played “Alice” on The Brady Bunch, passed away last Sunday at the age of 88. 

At the University, she originally enrolled as a pre-medical major; however, she changed her mind and went into drama after seeing her older brother’s performance of “Oklahoma.”

Barry Williams, who played Greg on the show, related memories of the beloved co-star. via ABC

“I remember watching from behind the camera when she was rehearsing one of the scenes for ‘The Brady Bunch’ and I was laughing along with her timing and stuff. Well, apparently, I was messing up her timing so she turned around and said, ‘Barry, comedy is not funny.’ I was crushed,” he said.

“I thought, ‘Oh, my gosh. I’ve upset her. A little later I went over and said, ‘Excuse me. What did you mean when you said that comedy was not funny?’ and she said, ‘Oh, I was just kidding with you.’”


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