Alumni Urologist to Set Record for Men's Health

Alumni Urologist to Set Record for Men's Health

Sijo Parekattil (left) is charged up about men’s health. 

“It’s kind of embarrassing for guys to come in for office visits, usually their wives drag them in. We’ve always tried to make it a more pleasant experience, and make it easier for men to talk about these subjects.”

Sijo Parekattil is a urologist. That can mean that sometimes his patients are less than excited to come in for an appointment. 

To raise awareness, Sijo and his business partner are driving from Florida to New York in a Tesla Model S, a fully-electric luxury sedan. With a a goal of driving 1,130 miles in 23 hours, Sijo hopes to set a Guinness World Record. To be fair, there is no standing record for this-but it’s still cool. So where does men’s health fit in?

A map of Sijo’s journey with stops. 

Throughout his journey, Sijo will stop nine times to recharge his car. These stops will feature prominent speakers in men’s health-more than 40 speakers from institutions all over the world. Experts from France and Brazil will be doing webcasts.

They have a mobile studio and two camera crews are joining them. They will be demostrating new technology. A 3:00 a.m. stop in Maryland will see a group of his patients joining him. There’s a car show prior to the start of the drive. A movie will be made of the experience. 

“It’s better than getting a prostate exam.”

“The Tesla embodies what we want to achieve. American innovation, positive impact, elegance. At the same time, it’s so cool that it will bring guys out.”

Often times, female health issues do not have the same stigma attached to them. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s a common sight to see football players sporting pink in support. Why are male issues often swept under the rug?

“Women are twice as likely to see a doctor about medical issues. Men in general feel uncomfortable about talking to a doctor about medical issues. When the government came out with guidelines to stop doing PSA screenings, you didn’t see thousands of men in the streets screaming ‘We want our rectal exams.’ So it’s probably because of our personal biases.”

You can learn more by visiting their website. You can also support the drive but donating to their indiegogo campaign here.


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