Alumni Are Choosing to Travel With Their Kids

Alumni Are Choosing to Travel With Their Kids

Max and Lisa Pettibone

A big trend in travel is for Baby Boomers to take the younger generations of their families on trips, including kids or grandkids. In fact, the Alumni Association is offering a new family trip to London and Paris later this year. Of the U-M grads who travel with us, we do hear from alumni who have tried similar trips in the past.

Max Pettibone, ’68, comes to mind. He was part of the story about our alumni travelers in the early fall issue of Michigan Alumnus. One reason he loved his trip to India that we didn’t mention then is that he got to take his daughter.

Alumni family travel

Alumni Association member Todd Anson, JD’80, and his wife, Terri, took a trip to Greece with their sons Chris, JD’12, and Ryan, ’10. It is on Todd’s list of most memorable trips. Other alumni are traveling with their children and grandchildren, too.

“It was an absolutely fantastic experience for us,” Pettibone said. “It was such a fascinating place, and was just that much better because we could do it together.”

Pettibone’s daughter, Lori, is a student at Michigan, but it was actually one of his other daughters, Lisa, who went with him this time. Pettibone said he and Lisa spent a couple of weeks in India and another in Nepal. Lisa was worried about some of the logistics before they left. She needed to depart from Michigan, but return to where she lives in Berlin, Germany, which made things more complicated. When everything worked out fine, it made him look good.


“She gave me all the credit for setting it up, but it was really the Alumni Association,” he said. 

Pettibone is a life member of the Alumni Association and travels often through its alumni travel program. He loves how the trips always seem to lead to new friendships, and it was fun to see his daughter become a part of that.

“By the third day, all the ladies on the trip were showing her pictures of their sons,” he said.

Lisa, who is pursuing a PhD related to environmental sustainability, went back to India later to help coordinate a workshop with her university in Berlin. As for Max, the trip let him spend quality time with his daughter while he also made new Michigan friends. When one of his daughters recently got married, he noticed that people from all stages of his life came to the wedding.

“When the next daughter gets married, there will probably be five or six new friends there from the Alumni Association trips,” he said.

Are you considering a trip with your kids or grandkids? Check out the Alumni Association’s family trip to London and Paris in June.

First photo, which shows Max and Lisa Pettibone on a rickshaw in India, is courtesy of Lisa Pettibone. Second photo is courtesy of the Ansons.

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